SkeptiCamp 2015 – Event Information & Registration



Details are firming up for the 2015 SkeptiCamp! We have some great presentations lined up:

Phil Ferguson (Skeptic Money) – Anti-vax
Larry Lazar – FLICC: Techniques of Misinformation on Climate (and other topics)
Dr. Stephen Hupp – Child Development: What Every Parent Needs NOT to Know (this is a TAM2015 presentation)
Alice Sanvito – Sh*t Your Massage Therapist Says
Christina Stephens – What Disability Teaches Us About Neurology
Jon Voisey – Understanding Fukishima
Kathy Kelley – Separating the Hype from Happenin’ with Solar Energy
Scott McKellar – Why the Second Law of Thermodynamics Doesn’t Prove God
Zi Teng Wang – The Psychology of Magic
Chuck Collis – Incorporating Skepticism/Critical Thinking into the Classroom
Missy Rung- Blue – Non-Profit Myths
Brian Vandenburg – Truth in Psychology
Liz Zelman – Skepticism, Science, Religion, and Human Arrogance

…and more, including Arthur C. Callow, JT Eberhard, Karl Wulff, Mike McKay, Jeanne Dee, and James Croft.

Also, we will be presenting a screening of “The Vaccination Chronicles” by Richard Saunders, former President of the Australian Skeptics.

What else do you need to know?
* A pizza lunch will be provided (we suggest a $5 donation/person to help cover costs)
*Surlyramics by Amy Davis Roth will be available for sale. Surly Amy has agreed to split the proceeds with SSSL – thank you Amy!
*Super Heroines, Etc. (formerly STL Nerdy Girls) will have a table with information
*Post-event Skeptics in the Pub to continue schmoozing and discussing skeptical things! (event location TBD)

Last, but not least…We have a copy of Bill Nye’s “Undeniable,” signed by Mr. Nye in our silent auction!!

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We ask that your RSVP at the link below so we can get a good headcount estimate for determining how much pizza, sodas, and water we need for lunch.

Hope to see you all on Saturday, August 22nd!

To register, click on the Eventbee logo:


A good skeptic presents evidence.  Here is the evidence that we really do have a signed copy of Bill Nye’s “Undeniable” available to auction!


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